About Autism

What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

A developmental disorder, affecting how children experience the world. Children on the spectrum behave, communicate, and learn differently, with a very wide range of functionality. Some children need lots of support in order to become independent, communicate and interact with peers, while others only need a little guidance.

Children can begin showing signs of ASD as a baby, but some children don’t display any delay until age 2 or later when they start losing or stop gaining skills. Children with autism can have a difficult time developing friendships, communicating their feelings and needs, reading social cues, and understanding expected behaviors. They have different ways of learning and it’s important to tap into different methodologies to help them integrate in various environments and function independently.

Autism does not discriminate: children of all genders, economic levels, religions, and races can equally be affected by this disability. How we respond to the diagnosis is critical to each child’s progress and growth. Early intervention and active treatment play a huge role in setting a child up for success.


Let me tell you about myself… Gray Divider Line

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How I Think

I can be a great problem solver and notice details that most people miss. I take time to think about things, and sometimes, I get stuck on starting a task or making decisions.

How I Feel

I can be extra sensitive to noise or lights and sometimes find comfort in repetitive movement, as this helps me to regulate my body.

How I Move

My mind and body can lack coordination, making fine motor skills difficult, my voice louder, and my movement erratic.

How I speak

Sometimes, I repeat things a lot and sound a little robotic. Sometimes, I struggle to find the right words to express what I’m feeling.

How I Make Friends

I don’t always understand all the social rules. Lots of times, I just say what I’m thinking, not understanding how that might make you feel. And it makes me uncomfortable to look you in the eye.

How I Get Through the Day

Lots of things that are easy for you are much harder for me, so I need help and I also may need to do things a little slower than you.

Once you get to know me, I’m pretty amazing.